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Success Stories: Mark

Developmental Disabilities Association
Job Title: 
Start Date: 
October 1987

Mark manages the inter-office mail for 6 different sites of the Developmental Disabilities Association.  He has seen a many changes in the 17 years he’s been with the organization. 

As a participant of Jobs West, Mark worked with his Employment Specialist to try a couple of work experiences before he applied to be a DDA courier.  The organization needed someone who could travel independently on the bus to a variety of locations throughout Vancouver.  They also needed someone who was organized and who could be trusted with important documentation.  Mark fit the job description perfectly. 

Over the years Mark has had to learn new bus routes so he could deliver the mail to new programs and sites.  Jobs West staff has been there to help Mark adjust to these changes when needed.  Jobs West staff is always available to both participants and employers should re-training be required.  This ensures a smooth transition due to changes in an employee’s job description.  Jobs West staff is available even after a participant has, like Mark, been independently successful in a position for many years.  It’s part of the services of Jobs West that ensures long-term successful placements for our participants and for employers.