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Success Stories: Jerome

The Buchan Hotel
Job Title: 
Room Attendant
Start Date: 
July 1999

Unlike Jerome, many of his fellow employees at the Buchan Hotel are seasonal workers.  His supervisor, Hoi Sin Wee is happy to have an employee that doesn’t require costly training each spring. In Jerome, Hoi Sin can rely on having a year-round employee that knows the job well.

It has always been Jerome’s goal to work in a hotel.  Before he came to Jobs West, some of the people who supported him did not believe he was capable of holding a permanent job as a room attendant. 

An Employment Specialist worked one-on-one with Jerome to develop individualized training supports such as visual reminder cues to help him complete his tasks independently.  Jerome can check his list to remind himself how many beds he needs to make and what rooms still need to be cleaned.  These supports help him work at the same pace as his co-workers in the hotel.

Jobs West staff have worked on-site to help Jerome master his job.  This relieves the training costs for the hotel.  Hoi Sin now has on staff a well-trained and reliable employee.  Jerome is proud to say he is the most senior room attendant at the hotel.  More importantly, he is proud to say he has successfully achieved his goal.