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Success Stories: Gary

MacDonald Dettwiler
Job Title: 
Mail-room Clerk
Start Date: 
July 1992

Gary has kept the mailroom at MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) running smoothly since 1992.  It's a position that has allowed him a significant increase in responsibility over the many years he's been with the company.

In the early years, Jobs West worked with Gary to help him develop his on-the-job skills.  He sorts and delivers all the incoming and outgoing inter-office mail. An important part of his job is to provide great customer service to the fellow MDA employees he meets as he gathers and distributes mail to various MDA buildings. 

When he began, Gary's goal at MDA was to complete 4 mail runs per day.  Quite early in his placement, his supervisor reported that Gary's goal was "achieved with great success.  He even had time for additional tasks and was eager to help in other areas."  Gary has taken on the responsibility of training new employees to the mailroom.  Since 1996, he has taken charge of all daily mail room services at MDA and is now their major mail person.

With the help of his Jobs West Employment Specialist, Gary worked hard at meeting the high standards of customer service required by MDA.  His hard work has paid off and he is now a valuable and independent member of the team at MDA.