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Success Stories: Elizabeth

Champlain Child Center
Job Title: 
Housekeeping assistant
Start Date: 
November 1987

Elizabeth has seen hundreds of children grow up in the nearly 20 years she has worked at the Champlain Child Centre. She works in the kitchen setting up daily snacks and lunches.  It’s only one of the many tasks that keep her busy at the centre.

When she began at Champlain, Jobs West staff helped Elizabeth develop a task list to help her remember her jobs for the day.  Elizabeth refers to the list to remind herself to first start the laundry, then load the dishwasher and then set out the first round of snacks.  The centre services up to 42 children so its important that Elizabeth does her job efficiently so the snacks are ready when the children are ready to eat.

Elizabeth is well accepted as a member of the team at Champlain.  She loves to take part in staff events and is always willing to take part in birthday celebrations for fellow staff.  After 20 years, Elizabeth has decided to reduce her full-time hours by 1 day a week, providing a new opportunity for another Jobs West participant.  It’s certain that the person who takes over from Elizabeth one day a week will have cheerful and hardworking shoes to fill.