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Success Stories: David

Canada Youth Orange Network Int.
Job Title: 
Production Assistant
Start Date: 
September 1992

David works at Canada Youth Orange Network International.  CYONI has a thriving business processing and bottling fresh juice for distribution throughout British Columbia.  David is a well-established employee who has taken on a number of positions at CYONI since he started there in 1992.   

Originally, David was hired to squeeze the juice from the oranges.  He then learned how to label juice containers.  His duties expanded once again to include putting full juice bottles into boxes for shipping.

Jobs West staff worked with David along the way to increase his skills.  His Employment Specialist helped David set up a timer system to keep his productivity levels at top speed.  Jobs West also worked with David when the company moved to an automated system.  His Employment Specialist helped CYONI reduce training costs by working with David to learn the new system.  It wasn't long before he was up to speed with his co-workers.

Tom Nowicki, owner of CYONI, is determined to retain David as an employee.  As Tom says, he's eager to keep David around, 'so he can grow with the company.'