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Success Stories: Dale

The Tomahawk BBQ Restaurant
Job Title: 
Start Date: 
December 1998

Dale works as a dishwasher in the kitchen of the Tomahawk BBQ Restaurant in North Vancouver.  He's responsible for the busy weekend shift.  Dale is not daunted by the mountain of pots and pans he faces each weekend.  He’s proven this by providing over 6 years of service in a job that typically has high turnover. 

In the beginning of his placement, a Jobs West Employment Specialist worked on-the-job with Dale to assist with his training.  Jobs West also provided education to Tomahawk owner Chuck Chamberlain and his staff about helpful approaches for working with people with disabilities.  The support from Jobs West helped make sure Dale and his fellow staff worked together productively.  Having Dale in his organization has strengthened the strong ethic of teamwork that Chuck encourages in his staff. 

In 2003, Chuck's cooperation was recognized with the Jobs West Employer of the Year Award.  In that same year, Dale and Chuck agreed that Dale was doing such a great job at the restaurant that they no longer needed support from Jobs West staff.   He is now an independent and hard-working member of Chuck's team at the Tomahawk Restaurant.